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Business License Compliance Package

Determine what licenses, permits, and tax registrations your business requires.

Most businesses require some form of licenses or permits to operate, and those requirements vary depending on the business activity and its industry as well as the city and state. Save time with our business license compliance package. We'll research all your license requirements and provide you with the forms you'll need to stay compliant.

$149+ state fees

Determine which business licenses you'll need to operate with ease.

Our package has your business covered

Avoid hours of research with our business license compliance package. We determine which business licenses you'll need to meet your federal, state, and local requirements.

Fast, affordable, and simple

Our compliance package is the fastest and most effective way to find out which licenses you need to start or expand your business.

What are business licenses and why do you need them?

Business licenses, permits and tax registrations are government issued and allow you to operate your business in your industry, city, and state. While the exact requirements vary depending on the state and local jurisdiction, licenses and permits are a mandatory prerequisite for your business to operate legally.

Business licenses accomplish four specific tasks:

  1. They identify the business and make it accountable for its actions.
  2. They track the activities of the business for tax purposes.
  3. A business license protects public health and ensures that the business meets its minimum requirements.
  4. They notify citizens of activities that could impact them.

How do I determine which business licenses I need?

At the minimum, nearly every locality requires businesses to have an employer identification number (EIN), doing business as name (DBA), OSHA certification, and a sales and use permit. However, there are more than 100,000 different jurisdictions across the country, and each has its own required licenses and permits. Every business, industry, state, and city has a different set of regulations in place. Even if you start Googling for the answers, you might find yourself growing confused or perhaps even missing out on key licenses that your business needs.

Our compliance package takes the guesswork out of meeting your license requirements by determining exactly which licenses you need for your business in your state and providing all the information and forms needed to file for them.

Is a business license the same as an LLC or Corporation?

Many business owners can be understandably confused by the differences between business licenses and business formation. While business formation sets up the structure and legal foundation for your business, business licenses give you the right to operate under certain conditions.

One common example of a business license that most people are familiar with is a liquor license. A liquor license doesn't create a business structure, it only licenses your business to sell wine , beer, or mixed drinks to customers. The licensing process simply makes it possible for governments to enforce laws regarding the service that would otherwise be difficult to police.

What happens if I do not have a business permit?

If you conduct business without the proper licenses or permits, you may be fined or even have your business shut down.

We can help you determine what licenses and permits your business needs, and send you all the required paperwork for just $149. Click here to get started.

Some of the most commonly required business licenses include:

  • General business licenses
  • State tax ID number
  • Liquor licenses
  • Health department permits
  • State-issued occupational licenses
  • Reseller's license
  • Business operations license
  • Zoning and land use permits
  • Fire and police department permit
  • Sales tax permit

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Frequently asked questions

Almost every business requires some form of licenses or permits to operate, but determining which ones your business needs can be a time consuming and somewhat confusing. A business does not require any licenses to form a corporation or LLC, but will need them to operate and conduct business legally.

Depending on the city and state where you conduct business, you may be required to obtain a business license. Many states require you to collect sales tax on products sold online (Amazon resellers, eBay, Etsy, etc.). Even if the state you do business in doesn't have a sales tax, your city or county might, so make sure you know what your tax obligations are before you open for business.

In some cases, the city may require that you have a business license to operate a home based business. If you plan on selling products online under an alternate name, you also may be required to file a DBA (Doing Business As).

While there are exceptions to every rule, its safe to assume that your city, county, and state are going to require that you renew your business licenses either on an annual or biennial basis.

The length of time it takes to get your business license depends on a few factors. Some of these include your industry, state of formation, and licensing jurisdictions. You may need a business license at the local level as well as relevant licenses and/or permits obtained at the state and federal level.

How do you know which business licenses your business will need? Reach out to your state of incorporation's Secretary of State office. Share a bit of information about your business and its industry. The SoS should be able to provide you with a list of licenses and/or permits your business must obtain to meet licensing requirements on the local, state, and federal level. They will also supply you with application forms and instructions for paying filing fees.

After you receive this list, apply for each, relevant business license using an application form. Like forming an LLC, it may take a few days for the state to receive and process your business license application and issue your business a business license.

There are a few approaches for how you may apply for a business license. First, you may opt for a do it yourself (DIY) approach. You may apply for a business license on your own by filling out the proper application forms and submitting a filing fee to the Secretary of State's office.

If you feel you have additional questions or would like assistance throughout the process, you may also apply for a business license with the help of a third-party filing service. Our team of trusted experts can assist in researching all your license requirements and preparing business license applications on your behalf.

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