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Corporate Supplies

Corporate Kits, Company Seals, and Sample Documents

Our high quality corporate supplies offer a professional and sophisticated presentation for the maintenance and storage of your important corporate documents. We make it easy to order corporate kits, seals and member certificates along with your incorporation order, or you can place an order for individual supplies here.

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Corporate Kit Sample

Elite LLC Kit - $100

Includes a steel hand-held embosser, high-quality gold- embossed binder, sample operating agreement, transfer ledgers, and 20 membership certificates.

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Elite Corporate Kit - $100

Includes a steel hand-held embosser, high-quality gold-embossed binder, sample bylaws, minutes, waivers, and 20 corporate stock certificates.

Order a Corp Kit

More Corporate Supplies

LLC Embosser - $40

An official seal used by your company and is required by most banks. A seal is an impression printed on a document in order to authenticate it, instead of a signature.


Membership Certificate - $10

Membership certificates are assets that allow your Limited Liability Company to represent the business' ownership.


Corporate Embosser - $40

Display your company's name, state of incorporation and year of formation and ensure your corporate documents cannot be forged or duplicated without permission.


Stock Certificate - $10

Issuing stock certificates makes it easy to raise money. Corporate stock certificates represent a portion of ownership in a company.


What are the benefits of our corporate kits?

MyCorporation's Elite Corporate Kit provides you with a professional presentation to safely store your corporate documents. Maintenance of official business documents is vital to ensure that a corporation or LLC maintains good standing to allow you to continue to benefit from the advantages of formation (limited liability, separate existence, etc.).

When should I use a corporate embosser?

Historically, signed documents weren't considered authentic unless the official seal or mark was imprinted upon them. An embosser is a hand-held tool, imprinted with your LLC or corporation's name, date, and state of formation. Authenitcate your own documents with a traditional embosser. When applied to paper, it creates a raised pattern "signature" to indicate the authenticity of your corporate documents.

Frequently asked questions

A Corporate kit provides you with a safe place to store your corporate documents. Maintenance of your corporate documents is vital to ensure that your company maintains its good standing and benefits from the advantages of formation (limited liability, separate existence, etc.).

Inside the high-quality, binder, you will find the following:

  1. A steel, handheld embosser with your company's name and year of filing,
  2. Sample bylaws and minutes, and
  3. Stock transfer ledger.

Many states require that your corporation comply with the formality of stamping all official documents with your corporate seal.

Your corporate embosser will display your company's name, state of incorporation, and year of formation.

Businesses who require other business documents such as sales forms, contractor work orders, and tax forms can purchase business forms from our partner Deluxe.

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