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The Good leadership qualities these business owners value the most

Someone who possesses good leadership qualities can be the difference between strong-arm management and effectively organizing people behind your mission. Inspiring while developing new talent.

What millennials want most of all when they start a new job

For all the self-entitlement stereotypes and job-hopping reputations, it turns out millennials are pretty commonsense - you might even say needy - when it comes to what they want the first few weeks in a new job. And what will lead employers to quickly lose them as motivated employees.

Want to Preserve Your Company's Culture As You Grow? Here Are 4 Ways.

The appeal small businesses have often stems from a strong company culture. When a team is smaller, all levels of the organization are typically closer and engaged with one another on a daily basis.

Over 40 and over 800: Seasoned credit score achievers

While it's not so surprising when a consumer over 40 crosses the threshold of an 800 FICO score, some may find it harder to pass that threshold because they've already covered many of the credit scoring bases.

Top Mistakes Small Business Buyers Are Making in the Marketplace Right Now

The current business-for-sale marketplace offers a smorgasbord of acquisition opportunities for buyers. But despite the brisk pace of activity, buyers continue to make several mistakes that can handicap their ability to achieve post-sale success.

How To Be The Partner Every Company Wants To Work With

We've all had them. The introductions that felt too good to be true or the strategic partnership that held lots of promise but no pipeline. I'm talking about the business partnership that could have been truly awesome... but fell short.

MyCorporation helps entrepreneurs launch and grow businesses

When Deborah Sweeney joined the MyCorporation team in 2003, she didn't know how much her next five years' experience as the company's outside general counsel and her background in intellectual property law would prepare her for the business metamorphosis that was to come.

8 of the Coolest Hidden Gem Companies to Work for in Southern California

Work hard, play hard - that's the MyCorp way. Located in Calabasas, the online legal filing services company is proud of their open floor layout that duels as the perfect stage for hosting employee talent shows and spontaneous musical karaoke announcements.

What Can Go Wrong When You Incorporate?

Deborah Sweeney is the CEO and owner of MyCorporation, which helps companies file the legal documents for incorporating. In 2009, Intuit was divesting itself of its smaller divisions in order to focus its attention on its core assets, such as TurboTax and Quickbooks.

Tips To Avoid Business Failure

Over 50 percent of small businesses fail within the first five years of existence. Close to half of those who failed could have foreseen their failure. What this means beyond externalities, is there were factors these businesses could have worked on to prevent failure.

Get a winning website

Babbit is a Madison Avenue advertising guru who, a few years ago, teamed up with conservationist Chuck Leavell to create the cool website, Mother Nature Network. (What's that you say, Chuck Leavell is a familiar name? You bet. He is also the longtime musical director and keyboardist for the Rolling Stones.)

How California Sales-Tax Collection Legislation Affects Small Sellers

California is the latest state to pass sales-tax collection legislation, known as affiliate nexus tax laws - Governor Brown signed such a bill into law in California yesterday. Earlier in the week, we asked a lawyer specializing in small-business issues to give us some context and explain what these laws mean to small online sellers.

More Women Taking the Helm

Women across the country mean business. In Arizona alone, there are an estimated 140,100 women-owned businesses, employing hundreds of thousands and creating a boost in both the state's and nation's economies.

Are You Ready to Start Your Own Business?

If you're already beginning to nervously look away from this post, I recommend you look back. Beginning a business is not meant to be a breezy, two-step process that can be handled and taken care of within 30 minutes or less. In order to properly begin a business, you need to start off with questions that you will be able to answer.

The Key To Success? Your 11-Year-Old Self

Starting a business is, in many ways, about finding your passion. It's about deciding what kind of business you want to have and how you want to run it. Many people have spent years turning a spark of an idea over and over in their heads before they open their doors..

Top 5 Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Entrepreneurs begin with an idea for a service or product nobody has thought of. Before long, they become successful due to great word of mouth and an overall excellent reputation. Sounds easy, doesn't it? One of the biggest problems with this plan is it doesn't necessarily match up with reality.

3 Ways to Maintain Positive Cash Flow in a Down Economy

For the small business owner, cash is king. A positive cash flow can help you weather a rough patch, reinvest in your business during recovery, and give you a leg up on competitors in a revived economy.

Online Business Filing Company MyCorporation to Expand Services to Canada, an industry leader in business-focused document filing services, is expanding its services to Canada. Announced today, the new international website can be found at:

Starting Your VAR Business: The Best Tax Structure

Many VAR and reseller businesses start with an individual providing IT services to clients and getting paid and cashing a check. But just how that individual cashes the check will determine how much of the money he gets to keep come April 15. Here's a look at the best tax structures for VAR businesses.

Location California 2011: Still the Land of Opportunity?

Go West young man! The adage was true a long, long time ago when the West Coast of the United States represented a land rich in gold and sunshine and, well, opportunity. Does this still hold true today?

Hey small businesses, you've got a 'friend' in these 'followers'

You named your small business, you set up a Web site, and you even started seeing profits from it. What's next? You could set up a profile page on a social networking site, such as Facebook or Myspace.

10 Small Business Tax Deductions Most Commonly Overlooked

With tax season in full swing, almost everyone is preoccupied with tax returns, W-2s, and old receipts. Preparing your taxes can be very stressful, as can paying the tax bill that comes as a result.

Expanding Your Business By Building Business Credit

Once your business is up and running, expanding is the next logical step! A business can never have too many customers, but as the old saying goes, it takes money to make money. Finding the financing for more advertising or creating new products can be tricky and...

Simple Tips To Get Your Business Booming

Unemployment checks are running out, jobs are full or simply not hiring, and there are no guarantees about the economy improving. What was once a hobby or part-time job is now looking like an option to pay the bills. Business startups are increasing dramatically...

5 Simple Steps To Get Your Business Off The Ground

As 2010 comes to a close and people prepare for a new year, New Year's resolutions start to come to mind. Some people want to focus on their diets, others want to spend more time with family, and still others decide to finally make their dreams come true and go into business...

5 Ways To Improve Your Company's Tax Liability

While there are many benefits of incorporation, including protecting your assets and saving money, one of the most important reasons to incorporate is for the favorable tax results. Running your business as an officially incorporated company provides distinct tax advantages...

Good News, 2011 Doesn't Look Like Such A Bad Time To Start A Business

While recently it seems like every year is a bad time to be expanding your business or starting out on your own, the truth is that now is really not such a bad time. Many states and industries are booming even with the current economy bumping meagerly along. Here are some...

Business Advice: Online document-filing firms are a tool, not a solution

Los Angeles Times

Dear Karen: My business was incorporated by an online service on the last day taxes were due for the year. Had it waited one more day, I could have saved $800.

Small business gets in on turkey madness

Small businesses are largely shutout from the consumer-generated madness surrounding the Black Friday and Cyber Monday events. So this year the folks at American Express decided to create an alternate celebration for Main Street USA: Small Business Saturday. Sandwiched in between ...

7 Things You Should Know About Business

Starting a business is always a daunting task but it can be even more difficult to face when you are also busy with other things. Here are seven tips for getting your business off and running while still enjoying your life!...

Incorporate Online To Save Legal Fees

I've recently incorporated a business, paying a local attorney what I thought was a reasonable rate to provide assistance. But compelling web services can perform the same process, minus the value of a personal contact. How much is a local attorney worth to you? In my case....

Is Domaining Putting Your Personal Assets at Risk

Deborah Sweeney, CEO of MyCorporation Business Services, Inc., is an advocate for protecting personal and business assets. She also has extensive experience in the start-up and entrepreneurial industry as she has been involved in the formation of hundreds of thousands...

Deal Radar 2010:

MyCorporation provides a platform for a "business in a box" that enables new businesses to get their businesses started and incorporated quickly. It also files the necessary paperwork with government agencies and has educational resources for entrepreneurs...

Former executives want to be their own boss

As high-level corporate jobs dry up, some executives are embracing the idea of trading rush-hour traffic and hectic schedules - as well as steady paychecks - for a chance to be their own boss. The economic collapse has eliminated millions of jobs, slashed pension...

Owner Comes Full Circle

When the legal services site was acquired by software giant Intuit for $20 million in 2005, the team celebrated. The success and growth potential of the business built over seven years was validated with an acquisition most start-ups dream about. Yet, it didn't...

Setting up a Business Structure

After getting laid off from a senior engineering job last year, Marc Karell launched a consulting business from his home in Mamaroneck, N.Y. But before he landed a single client, the unemployment benefits he had been relying on to make ends meet came to a sudden halt....

Recession Spawning New Entreprenuers

During a recession, the threat of layoffs and fears about money weigh heavy on many people's minds but for others a downturn in the economy can be a huge opportunity. While some frugal souls hoard their money and subside on a steady diet of Ramen noodles and macaroni and cheese...

Incorporation: The Web can Help

Today's precarious economic conditions have prompted more and more people to start their own small businesses. For both new and existing small businesses, setting up the business as a corporation or an LLC (limited liability company) can be a key step toward success, but doing it...

Why Lean On Expensive Lawyers?

Jeremy Porter, operator of boutique marketing agency Reaction Marketing Group, is always looking to save a buck. One trick he employed: slashing his legal fees by using an online service to incorporate his business...

Entrepreneurs can Reduce Costs, Protect Assets With Free Incorporation Services From MyCorporation

With today's economy, more Americans are looking to start businesses while existing business owners are trying to cut costs. And both the newcomer and the old pro share a common bond: the need to protect their personal assets. To help small business owners play it safe..

Webinar with Deborah Sweeney, "Be Legal to Source It"

Special Guest: Deborah Sweeney, General Manager, Creating your own independence is a goal of all entrepreneurs. I highly respect each individual who takes those first steps to creating their own independence, but we all need help and guidance along the way.

How To Lower Your Legal Bills

Just about everything young companies need to compete is getting cheaper (except maybe the milk for the morning coffee). Whether you're moving to Voice over Internet Protocol technology, outsourcing manufacturing to Malaysia or adding customer self-service features to your Web site, slashing costs...

DBA (Fictitious Business Name) Filings

Whether you're a corporation, LLC or sole proprietor, there may be advantages to filing a "Doing Business As" or "DBA" for your business. What is a DBA? DBA stands for "doing business as" and is an official and public registration of a business name. DBAs are also known as Fictitious Names,...

Starting a New Business? Using a New Trademark?

There are numerous advantages to securing federal registration of a trademark. Perhaps the most important advantage is that federally registered trademarks are national in scope, regardless of the actual geographic use made of the mark. This national scope contrasts greatly with the limited..

There May be Benefits to Incorporating in Foreign States

One of the most common questions for entities wishing to incorporate is - "Where should I incorporate?" In fact, an entity can choose from any of the 50 states or the District of Columbia. There has been a great deal of hype about incorporating in certain states that happen to be well-known for having...

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