About us

Who We Are

NGO «Public Advocacy» is a non-governmental organization in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. We seek to form Human Rights Advocacy Network as an association of human rights defenders, non-governmental organizations, lawyers, journalists, public figures, experts and other stakeholders from over the world to promote religious freedom, protect the rights of Christian communities as well as advocate fundamental Christian values on the whole.

Our commitment to human rights promotion and advocacy is facilitated by the possession of special consultative status with the UN ECOSOC that entitles us to actively participate in the operations of the UN Human Rights Council using the whole range of available bodies and mechanisms.

We also operate at other strategic international venues that have assumed the responsibility to ensure human rights protection and the rule of law worldwide. By engaging with such organizations as the Organization of Security and Cooperation, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, we strive to ensure that the rights and interests of religious communities are not ignored but rather shape the decision-making policy around the world.

What We Do   

Understanding the importance of catholicity and conciliarity for the common good worldwide, NGO “Public Advocacy” functions on the principles of human rights network. By virtue of our legal expertise, we monitor the observance of the rights of Orthodox Christian communities both in the EU and in other regions of the world.

Our experts provide advisory opinions, prepare and submit appeals, complaints, and reports in terms of human rights violations to the UN, the EU, as well as other international human rights bodies and mechanisms with a view to bettering the position of religious organizations and individual believers.

It is the advantage of NGO “Public Advocacy” that national legal protection and lobbying activities are strengthened by the involvement of international human rights mechanisms, accompanied by mass media coverage.

To draw the attention of the international community to the facts of rights violations of the faithful, including the encroachments on the freedom to profess Christian values, we engage with specialized international bodies and mechanisms whose mandate is to protect human rights and ensure stability and peace throughout the world.

By making both oral and written statements, as well as holding parallel events at the OSCE, the United Nations, the European Parliament, etc., we strive to make a difference where religious freedom and fundamental Christian values are endangered.


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